Why buy a Telescoping Ladder in 2021?

Why buy a Telescoping Ladder?

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The question of Why buy a Telescoping Ladder? comes up a lot and this is easily answered!

Normally, larger ladders can be heavy and cumbersome. They bang into doors at every turn and can be unwieldy to use. This is where Telescoping Ladders come in, as they are a great option if you are looking for something lightweight and easy to transport around with you.

They are made of durable aluminum and can extend for up to 12 feet or more. Once they retract, they can be carried under one arm, as most Telescoping Ladders usually weigh much less than their full-size counterparts – This is typically under 30 pounds!

They can also be retracted to about 2-to 3-feet high, in most cases about a quarter of their fully extended height, so they are very easy to store in a garage, utility closet, or even in the trunk of a vehicle. People use these a lot when camping in their RV, and some even use them in the cab of large trucks to gain access to their overnight bunk.

What to look for when buying the Best Telescoping Ladder?

Telescoping Ladders are in fact retractable ladders that can be folded up for easy storage and provide a solid base for climbing. You may need to consider other factors depending on the purpose of the ladder, such as the length, material, weight, portability, safety, and security of a ladder. Telescoping ladders may be better suited for certain specific tasks than others.


Telescoping Ladders can reach various heights when fully extended, usually from 6FT right up to over 16FT. Some ladders can be even taller than this. A 6.5 – 12 foot ladder will suffice for most around-the-house tasks, as this is tall enough to reach the gutters of most single-story houses.

Telescoping ladders can be extended in increments of 1 foot. This means that you can extend it in increments of 6 feet, 7, or even 12 or more.

A great Telescoping Ladder for use around the home is the Luisladders Telescoping Ladder 6.5FT, which is lightweight, portable, and very sturdy.

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Telescoping ladders can be made from aluminum or fiberglass. Both materials are light but strong and durable. Aluminum is the most popular material, but fiberglass also has its own fanbase.

Aluminum: A Telescoping Ladder made of aluminum can weigh as low as 15 pounds or as heavy as 35 pounds depending on its length. The average weight of a Telescoping Ladder is around 24 pounds. Its most common length is anything from 6.5ft to 12.5ft. An aluminum Telescoping Ladder can be purchased for anything between $100 and $250.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass has a stronger construction than aluminum but is also lighter. A fiberglass ladder with telescoping capabilities will weigh about 3 to 5 pounds more than an aluminum ladder. They will also be more expensive. They can cost as much as $600 and start at around $250. This ladder is ideal for electricians and other people who work with electricity because fiberglass obviously does not conduct electricity.

Weight Limit

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), verifies that a ladder can safely support the weight claimed by the manufacturer. When looking for a Telescoping Ladder to purchase, make sure it’s ANSI-certified. The ANSI weight limit for this type of ladder is 250 to 350 pounds. Most of the ladders that we have reviewed in our Top 10 Telescoping Ladders will take up to 330 pounds in maximum weight.


Fully extended ladders are approximately 24 to 36 inches tall and measure 18 to 20 inches in width and 3 to 5 in-depth. They are lightweight and compact so can be carried through doors, stored in a trunk, or even stored in a utility cupboard.

Telescoping Ladders do have a great advantage of being a collapsible ladders and are easy to collapse, plus they can be used in a variety of situations.

Safety Features

Telescoping ladders that have the locking mechanism design, lock at 1-foot increments are less likely to pinch your fingers when they are retracted. For each foot that they retract, you need to depress the thumb levers on either side of the ladder. Although it may take longer, it is worth it to keep your hands safe. One such extendable ladder that we have reviewed is the BEETRO 8.5ft Aluminum Telescoping Ladder – This offers some really good safety features.

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Another safety feature you should look for is large rubber feet. These will prevent the ladder from sliding out from under your feet. Many have foot anchors that can be folded out to prevent the legs from sliding.

What other factors should be considered before purchasing a Telescoping Ladder?

Let us share some tips that might be of help to you!

Tips on Using a Telescoping Ladder

Safety should always be the top priority when using ladders. The ladder should be strong enough to support the user’s weight safely. We have compiled an information-packed article on safety called How Safe is a Telescopic Ladder which may be worth having a read of.

When positioning the ladder against the wall, use the 1-to-4 rule: The ladder’s base should be at least 1 foot from the wall for every 4 feet. If you extend the ladder 12 feet, the base of the ladder should be 3 feet from the wall. See Safety when working at Heights on a Telescoping Ladder – This contains all the rules of using a ladder and goes into great depth for you.

It is also very dangerous to lean over or to stretch out and reach for something that is just beyond you, it is much better to climb down the retractable ladder and then it to where you want it to be.

To assist you, why not ask someone to be on hand to help you and even hold the ladder against the wall or whatever you are leaning it against.

What are the Different Types of Telescoping Ladders?

There are currently only two main types of Telescopic Ladders available on the market, and they can be divided into the following categories:

Standard Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic Ladders that can be folded into themselves are the main type. This type of ladder is the most common and is also called a Retractable Ladder or Telescoping ladder.

These are great because they are easy to store and easy to use once you understand how to operate the retract button systems.

Take a look at our Top 10 Telescoping Ladders, as we believe they are the Best Telescoping ladders around presently. That said, if you are looking for an extendable ladder to take camping with you in your RV, please check out Best Telescoping Ladder for an RV – There is some really good and informative information available for you.

Foldable Multi-Purpose Ladders

Telescopic ladders that can be folded into an A-frame ladder are the second type. These ladders are more flexible for many applications, especially when you are looking for a ladder for painting and decorating. Basically, there is no need to buy multiple ladders to complete all those outstanding jobs!

What we do recommend is that you inspect the lock mechanism of these ladders to ensure that the folding is not compromised when using it as an extension ladder.

What should you look for in a high-quality Telescoping Ladder?

You might be wondering what to look for in a Telescoping Ladder that makes it a high-quality and heavy-duty ladder that will actually suit your needs.

That really all depends on what you will use the ladder for. Whilst we have discussed the main factors to consider when purchasing a Telescoping Ladder for your home, the ladder height is also important to exactly what you want to achieve with it.

It has to be a ladder that is tall enough for what you want it for – Whether that is cleaning your outside gutters out, washing windows, painting, getting into your attic, or whatever.

One that may well be a good fit is the Yesker 12.5ft Telescoping Ladder, it will reach high enough for most of those jobs around the home, whilst being lightweight and portable enough to transport around easily.

If that interests you, why not go and have a good look at the Yesker 12.5ft Telescoping Ladder directly on Amazon.com…


In which Environments will you be using the Telescoping Ladder?

It is also important to consider the environment in which you will be using the ladder. You might need a tall Telescoping Ladder with stabilizing feet for that feeling of security if you are working up high. The type of extending ladder that can be used in varying situations.

Apart from these considerations, it is important to consider the safety standards that the ladder must meet. For example, OSHA-compliant certifications or ANSI ratings. This is especially true if the ladder will be used for professional purposes.

That said, these things might not be as important to you if you are just looking to use a ladder for your DIY projects or for instance, camping in your RV.

You just need to ensure that the extendable ladder you choose will be strong and reliable in all situations.

Here are 3 Things to Consider before Buying a Telescoping Ladder

Telescoping ladders can easily replace the heavy, long extension ladder you have to carry from job to job.

A decent ladder is essential for some jobs unless you are a tall person who can reach almost anything by just stretching and standing on the tips of your feet. While different ladder types are best suited for different jobs, a good Telescoping Ladder can make your life so much easier.

Consider three factors when shopping for a Telescoping Ladder: The maximum height you can reach, the types of jobs you are tackling, and how easy it will be to transport and store.

Maximum Height

When choosing a ladder that telescopically moves, or any ladder for that matter, height is very important. A ladder that is too tall will not work well in the area you are working in if you cannot reach your desired height.

Should this be the case and you start using it but cannot reach it, you will end up breaking all the rules of using a ladder! It is very dangerous to extend your reach in unsafe ways.


As has been mentioned before, it is important to consider what kind of jobs your ladder will be used for. A good extension ladder or heavy-duty stool might be the best choice if you require a sturdy platform from which to work all week.

Telescoping ladders are great for those who really do not have heavy equipment to carry up them on a regular basis. Safety and sturdiness are intertwined, however, you should not spend too much on a cheap ladder simply to save money. A quality ladder can handle almost any job, a poorly constructed one could lead to future headaches.

Storage and Transport

Telescoping Ladders, even the longest in length, can be folded down into a small package that can be stored and moved from one job to another. This is especially true when compared to stepladders or extension ladders. Telescoping ladders tend to be lighter than both stepladders and extension ladders.

A Telescoping Ladder is a great choice if you have limited storage space or need a lightweight ladder. Make sure you choose the right length, sturdy enough for your job, and lightweight enough to store and transport easily.

Once you have bought and taken possession of your Telescopic Ladder, it is important to look after it!

How can you maintain a Telescoping Ladder

Telescopic Ladder Maintenance

Telescopic Ladders are easily cleaned and you can do this with a damp cloth. Once washed down, dry it obviously by using a dry cloth, then spray it with silicone spray.

What You Will Need

A damp piece

Dry cloth

Furniture polish made from silicone

Silicone spray

How to Lubricate your Telescopic Ladders?

Spraying the ladder with silicone spray will ensure that the ladder’s difficult-to-reach sections are completely dry prior to storing it. Sometimes, the ladder’s rungs can become stiff and affect the ease of retracting or extending the Telescopic Ladder, in which case apply a silicone-based furniture polish on the area to fix it.

The polish’s thin wax coating will smoothen the movement of the rungs, making it easier to retract or extend the ladder.

Close the ladder for between 15 and 20 minutes to allow the lubricant to penetrate the ladder fully. To ensure that the lubricant reaches all areas of the ladder, open the ladder and close it a few times.

How often should I clean my Telescopic Ladders?

Regular cleaning will ensure that your ladders perform at their best and that the warranty remains valid. It is very important to take good care of them, as you will be using the ladder to climb heights and in effect, putting your own safety or that of others on the line.

Manufacturers Maintenance Instructions

Whilst every manufacturer of Telescopic Ladders has its own maintenance instructions, the majority of them are relatively similar or even the same. Most Telescopic Ladders are made from Aluminium or have an Aluminium finish. As Telescopic Ladders have moving parts, it is extremely important to clean them properly before they are stored.

Here are the top things not to do when caring for your Telescopic Ladders:

What Not To Do

You should not use your Telescopic Ladder in horizontal positions as a plank. This will weaken the stiles and the ladder’s safety mechanisms and could cause it to be unstable and unsafe.

The telescopic ladder should not be used as a fire rescue ladder. This would require you to open the ladder vertically downwards, but its design doesn’t support such a mechanism. The ladder’s pins are simply too weak to withstand the downward force.

You should avoid lubricating the rungs using WD40 lubricant. This would cause more dirt to accumulate and clog the up-and-down mechanism of your Telescopic Ladder.

You should also make sure your ladder is not left outside in the rain. Although most Telescoping Ladders can resist most weather, rainwater could still contain rusting agents that could corrode your extending ladder over time.

It is easy to maintain your telescopic ladder by following the instructions manual. This is the best way to ensure that your telescopic ladder lasts for many years and it also protects its warranty.

Telescopic Ladders need to be in dry, clean environments and protected from rain and snow. They should not have any weight or items stacked on top of them, as this could put additional strain on the mechanism

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